Karin has been a committed Literacy Minnesota board member and a vital part of our organization for four years. Aside from being a strong supporter and vocal advocate for the agency, she has helped us revitalize our development efforts. While Karin was chair of our development committee, we undertook the mammoth challenge of designing a new and ultimately successful event which became a cornerstone in our goal of changing the way we approach fundraising in general. In addition, her expertise in HR and communications have been vital to the success of Literacy Minnesota.

Eric Nesheim
Executive Director, Literacy Minnesota

Karin has been my coach for several months now. She has helped me through innumerable stressful situations as I work to build my own business. She is extremely organized and has a knack for helping me weed through my own chaos. Her “crown jewel” is her emotional intelligence. Her deep levels of empathy coupled with excellent interpersonal skills help hold me steady when we move to new places outside my current comfort zone.

Rebecca Schmitt
Coaching Client

Have you ever felt stuck and heard yourself saying, ‘Hey self, just get it done!’? After one session with Karin, I was able to move forward with an idea I had been procrastinating on. The following sessions have been equally impactful and her business acumen is evident. Karin’s sense of humor brings levity to hard topics and I appreciate that.

Melanie Waller
Coaching Client

I contacted Karin to help me with a Marketing plan for my new business. She is smart, intuitive, funny and a great listener. Because of our work together, I successfully opened two new accounts!

Anna Cuneo
Coaching Client

I always come away with so much from my sessions with Karin. No matter what topic I have brought to coaching, she has been able to help me get clarity on what is holding me back, what my priorities are and how I can use my strengths and values to achieve what I want. Karin provides a safe, supportive space to explore whatever comes up – the good and the not so good! Not only is she a warm and kind professional, but she also brings her authentic self to the sessions and her sense of humour really shines through. She is also very effective at leading groups. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Karin and would highly recommend her as a coach.

Jackie Smith
Coaching Client